What Goes Bump in the Night

She thought she heard the click of a door closing. How odd. Rose was sure she had been the last to turn in. It was late and the family of the house had retired long ago, as had the rest of the servants.

Stuck In Traffic

Jim was daydreaming of getting home, grabbing a cold beer and throwing himself on the couch to watch the playoffs. “I want a divorce,” Tina suddenly declared from the passenger seat.

Poetry 101: What Makes A Poem, A Poem?

In my last post, Introduction to Poetry 101, I started off the series with a few handy tips to reading poetry. Now, as we are diving into the more technical parts of writing and reading poetry, let us begin with talking about the different types of poetry, as well as what makes a poem, a poem.


Pointless, this craving. Sound to the deaf might

Show more useful than this eternal longing.

Fingers running over cold sheets turned to rite

As resolve begins to crumble, another hit calling.


An awesome poem by an awesome writer! I personally really relate to this poem, and I love the countdown of hours of sleep going on in it. I’m guessing I’m not the only one counting how many hours I have to sleep before going to bed 🙂


If I fall asleep now I can get seven hours.

Except I need to get up, because I think I let the stove on.

If I fall asleep now I can get six hours.

Except I’m thinking of all the things I’ve got to do tomorrow.

If I fall asleep now I can get five hours.

Except I’m thinking about all the things I didn’t do today.

If I fall asleep now I can get four hours.

The ticking of the alarm clock is driving me insane.

If I fall asleep now I can get three hours.

I have that big project due next week. I’m not even halfway done.

If I fall asleep now I can get two hours.

How am I ever going to work on two hours of sleep?

If I fall asleep now I can get one hour.

One hour. Surely I can’t work on that.

I’m supposed to…

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A Book Review of Pride & Prejudice – Jane Austen’s Quiet Rebellion

I love romance, especially romance with strong female characters. This, of course, means that I love, love, love Pride & Prejudice.

An Academic Comparison on Pride & Prejudice and Bridget Jones’ Diary

As is seen in the many parallels between the book, Pride and Prejudice, and the movie, Bridget Jones’ Diary, in terms of societal expectations, social economic status, and the development of the characters respective relationships, the latter was built up with the Pride & Prejudice plot in mind, which poses the question: How can a story written with past social conventions in mind, relate so well to a contemporary plot?

Danes & Cultural Values

For todays average person most things are focused around themselves: as long as we are happy and content we don’t care too much about the consequences. Danish society is no longer about being solidary, listening to people more educated and older than us, and it is no longer about community before self-interest.

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