Writing Is Hard

Writing is hard. Either your head is full
Of words and ideas, yet they will not be
Put to paper, for they all yell
At the top of their voices. Interrupting,
Interjecting, interfering. Chaos now resides
Where calm and order was supposed to rule.

Or your head is empty. Maybe that is the rule?
Inside is nothing but white noise full
Of stillness and nonexistent concepts, reside
Elsewhere please! How will I be
A writer with no ideas interrupting
This silence inside my head. I Yell!

Frustration is taking over; all I can to do is yell
What do you want from me? I want to rule
Over your emotions, devotions and be full
Of insight and delight. Without interruption
I would like you to hear me out and reside
In my mind for a while. To be me or not to be.

Be a writer, the raw talent resides
Within you. Don’t go interrupting the yell
Of inspiration, rule it instead and own it in full.

My attempt at a short Sestina poem 🙂


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