Sun & Moon

In the beginning of time, when the earth was still young, the Great Mother had chosen the round Sun and the crescent Moon to rule the skies together as one. It was agreed that the Sun would soar the sky during the day parading his strong golden light, and when Night came to spread his blanket of darkness on earth, the fair Moon would follow sharing her subtle, soft white glow. Everything was harmony.

After centuries of being close to each other, Night and the Moon fell in love and as their love grew stronger it fostered children. Their children arose to the heavens as Stars; for every new child, was a new Star.

The Moon’s never ending love for the Night and the Stars made her grow and become bigger, until she, too was round like the Sun, and with her sudden immensity her once soft glow was becoming ever brighter. The Sun, strong and proud and arrogant, got jealous of the Moons sudden intensity and decided to stay in the skies to prove that he could outshine the Moon. As a result of the Sun’s decision Night was unable to come forth together with the stars, for Night could never exist in the presence of the Sun; and so without Night the balance had been disturbed creating chaos on earth. The spec of life that had started to flourish was extinguished, scorched by the intense heat rolling off of the never fading Sun.

Helpless and devastated the Moon could only watch as the Sun took everything she held dear, her love and children, away from her. For 30 days the Moon tried to reason with the Sun but to no avail. First showing him the pandemonium he had created on earth trying to reach his pride, then begging him to give her back her family hoping to gain his sympathy. It was no use; the Sun was blinded by power and stubbornness. The Moon, now desperate and reckless, was determined to get the Night and Stars back at all costs and threw herself in front of the sun to cover his beam of bright light. This was the world’s first solar eclipse. The earth was once again covered in darkness and balance was restored. The Sun now realized how blind and heedless he had been and began his descend, but her careless charge had left the Moon with big craters all over her before so beautiful and smooth surface.

The Night and Stars rejoiced at having once again reunited with the Moon. To make sure that nothing like this would ever happen again the Moon made a pact with the Sun: That she would go from almost not visible to full every 30 days. This made sure that the Moon would never shine greater than the Sun. But every now and then, if you’re lucky, you can still sometimes experience a solar eclipse; and now you know, that it is just the Moon’s way of protecting the balance, her loved ones and keeping the Sun from becoming too self-absorbed, arrogant and proud.

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