Peter was currently running. Not as a workout, not for fun, he wasn’t trying to train himself up to some kind of silly marathon. No, he was running for his life. His left side burned but he knew he had to keep on going, getting caught wasn’t an option. Maybe he could find a place to hide. Taking in his surroundings Peter saw a dimly lit ally up ahead and sprinted towards it. It was a dead end. Two big green dumpsters stood side by side up against a thick concrete wall at the end of it. Peter made a quick decision; reaching them he opened the lid on one and jumped inside.

But his feet never touched the bottom. He cried out. He was falling. He kept on falling and falling into what seemed like a bottomless pit. Only after what felt like literal minutes did his decent start to slow. To begin with, only a little, then more and more until finally his feet touched down lightly on solid ground.

Peter blinked, trying to get a grip on his surroundings. The room was subdued, though he wasn’t sure if you could even call it a room. He saw no physical walls, only pitch-blackness where walls should have been. All around him shadows seemed to move around, like entities of their own, and the only thing he was able to distinguish was a huge black pair of double doors a few 100 feet in front of him. They towered over Peter like two menacing trolls, ready to snap his neck at any given moment. He walked closer. When he had almost reached them Peter noticed the horrifying scenes engraved on their dark surface; monsters torturing screaming humans, fire spewing out of holes in the ground and cracks in the walls, creatures with wings falling from the sky; complete and utter destruction.

“Well, this is a surprise,” came a drawling voice from somewhere behind Peter.

“We rarely get visitors down here and especially not breathing ones. You must be special indeed,” the voice continued.

“Who are you?” Peter inquired in a small voice.

The voice laughed and the air seemed to vibrate.

“I am Cerberus, the gatekeeper. At your service.”

“Cerberus? The gatekeeper? Gatekeeper of what? What is this place?” A sense of dread hung over Peter like a cold wet blanket.

“Why, Hell, of course,” Cerberus answered.

“And I do believe Lucifer is expecting you”.

As Cerberus spoke the massive double doors had started to open. They didn’t make a sound. Moving in eerie silence, as if someone had hit the mute button.

“Go on. Lucifer is not the patient sort.”

Behind the doors it was pitch-black. Just like all around them. Peter knew he didn’t really have a choice. If this was really Hell, and not some weird crazy nightmare, he didn’t want to risk anything. Taking a shaky breath he put one foot in front of the other, and before he pierced the inky veil trough the doors, he squeezed his eyes firmly shut. His heart beat so violently, it felt like it was going to break trough his ribcage.
Then he heard the screams.


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